#2 character tuesday // undyne!

hello! this is kat here (again) today’s character is undyne from the game undertale. she’s also known as undyne the undying in the genocide route. credit for art goes to artist! undyne is revealed to date alphys further into the game, and is the leader of the royal guard.

she has blue skin (a fish) and a red ponytail as well as an eyepatch, while not having a nose. she dislikes puzzles and enjoys anime, similar to alphys (her lover). she appears first in waterfall, and is overheard talking to papyrus, a character the player encounters. after beating the fight, undyne chases  the player into the hotlands, where she collapses due to heat and the player meets alphys in her lab.

thank you for reading! it’s really short so sorry but there was a lack of information online!


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