writing: daily prompt – blur

via Daily Prompt: Blur

heyo! it’s kat here. again. this is a writing prompt which i thought was interesting – only one word and you write more and more. here’s my take at today’s daily prompt.

i think of rain. i think of the pitter patter, often quiet, sometimes pouring. my eyes begin to close when i hear the sound, my body pulled closer, my fear closed in tighter. it feels like magic. i can ignore everything i feel, i can sit, calm, empty of emotion. i can imagine a place – a place where nothing can hurt me, nothing can shake me – somewhere where my anxiety doesn’t hurt. when i open my eyes, i’m still safe, for a moment. a moment of peace and calm, but realization and knowledge. a blur of feelings.

so yeah. i didn’t really plan it so it might be kind of bad (yeah definitely) but it’s what came up before i realized that’s not really what blur means, but yeah. enjoy! or don’t.

leave a like + comment. they’re my only hope (not really) // try to look for a sequel? we’ll see. i’ll label it blur: sequel, or whatever. try to search for it? if i write one i’ll edit this post and leave the link/title.



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