#1 food wednesday // burgers !!

feature-image-burgers-min-672x372Here’s a riddle to start us off: What food is “sandwich” like and usually has beef, tomatoes, and lettuce ? (it’s really obvious because I suck at writing riddles) Yes, I think you got it: BURGERS! That is the topic of this blog post.

This is how you tell if the burger you’re eating is good or not. First: let’s start with the top – the bread! It should always be crispy on the outside and nice and soft in the inside. Sometimes it is hard to get this texture but if it’s a good bun then you might have better success. The bun should be toasted for about 5 minutes like regular toast but it takes good judgement to have the truly perfect bun. The bun is ready!

Now, let’s move on to the inside; the hearty part of the burger; the beef. the beef should not be dry; it should be the opposite. There should be grease leaking out when you bite on it or push it down. The inside bun tip should be slightly soaked in grease, but it should still be crispy.

Let’s move on to some healthy vibes… the veggies should always be fresh and slightly soaked in grease.

These are all key points to the best burger.

The next time you have a burger, think about these traits; do they apply? If they don’t, then better luck next time. But… if they do? That is very good vibes.



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