feeling nervous and giving up

hello! this is kat here again. if you’re feeling kind of depressed or sad, you probably could do with a little bit of this. well, not really, actually. i’m here to talk about whether or not you should give up whatever you’re doing. for me, in particular, this is about basketball. i’ve been playing basketball for six years now, give or take. it’s been something that’s been engrained into me, a second sense almost – except not really. it’s a part of me, but it makes me uncomfortable, because if i’ve been playing so long – why can’t i get it right? sure, some say i’m better than average – but it doesn’t feel like enough to me. i’m “better than average at everything”, but not special or talented in anything. it feels like i’ve been walking down a dead end. today was my fourth basketball practice. it’s tiring, i’m not fast enough, i’m not smart enough. but those are things i could fix if i tried really hard. but i’ve never tried hard at anything, ever. this was the only thing i’ve tried hard long enough and still failed. but that alone isn’t enough to make me quit. i’m tired of being in the “good team” but not being good enough to be there. i hate playing with people that are bigger, taller, better than me. they never pass to me (which i agree they shouldn’t) or i’m doing what i should do, but i don’t do it fast enough. i’m tired of tiring endlessly to run into a brick wall of failure. the hardest part, i think, is knowing when to stop.

here’s an idea of something i think would get you to continue:

  • when you actually enjoy it, but you’re not good enough
    • you like it, and it motivates you. getting good isn’t the hard part. finding motivation to go on, enjoying it is what’s hard. try some more, and if you don’t think you will find a future out of it – maybe stop after your third year of college (i’d say this is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to go pro) if the intensity is high up, maybe you should work hard, or don’t take it as importantly as you would for your future career, etc.

and here’s how i’m feeling:

  • i don’t like it.
    • it tires me out
    • i don’t enjoy playing with my teammates
    • it breaks down my confidence little by little.
  • i’m not good
    • this, i’ve been working at (though not intensely)
    • nor do i think i ever will be
  • i don’t see a career out of it
    • it’s not a talent i have, nor is it something that i’ve worked so hard that it’s a part of me

thank you! please tell me whether or not i should quit! leave a like if you feel like this sometimes!


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