chapter three: spades // cerebra // (kat)

hello! this is kat! just a quick note for hearts and spades (which i’m writing) – kardia is my hearts character who is my pyrokinetic, kardia meaning heart in greek. cerebra is an altered version of cerebrum, meaning brain in latin. for future reference, ischyros means strong and amare meaning love. in case anyone was wondering what those names mean! thank you for reading & enjoy!

the sunlight dimmed through the panes of the aged window, cerebra’s book brightening. a one with a book. a book, stolen and a one, useless. she stared at the page, eyes racing across the page, every line chanted in her head before she even read it. it had been given to her from ischyros , her willowy dimpled brother with gold eyes and lightly bronzed tones.

same mother, different fathers. side by side, they looked like they were from different parts of the globe completely. ischyros was made up of a tall build, height wavering over hers, all parts of him gold and shiny, smiles bright and warm. cerebra’s contrasting gravity consisted of pale porcelain skin and faded orange eyes, quiet smiles and calculating gazes. still, when examined closely, you could find the familiar dimples, wide eyes and pointed ears, all from the only beautiful one – amare.

still, as she lay in her bed, she could have only thought that beauty meant nothing because she was still an one. ischyros was still a thief, ischyros was still dead, and in her mind, ringing like a crashing bell, one, one, one, dead, dead, dead. 

she imagined a world where she could be calm, where she could have as many books. and then something clicked. it floated in her, glowing and simple. easy. and then the book she was holding floated above her. and then it fell on her face.

her small ability, she had noticed, was not as much fun as it was useful. while kings, queens and jacks flaunted their magic, hers was small, hidden in her small cottage of safety, objects commanded by her will. it had grown over the past few days, a safety net from being a one. it was the only part of her that wasn’t really her, but felt the most like it.


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