Chapter two: diamonds // Opal // (Loris)

Hi everyone! It’s Loris here with the second chapter of my collaborated story with Kat.

The sunlight shone through the oval window, lying on the tiled floor like sweet honey.  Opal has always loved sunlight, it made her feel powerful, and less like an insignificant one. “One,” she whispered to herself, it even sounded dull. Opal stared out the window, the diamond city sparkled in the light, it was always the most beautiful in the summer, but to Opal, it just reminded her that she couldn’t even go outside and experience the beauty with out hearing the superior cards whisper things like: ‘look at that miserable, lonely one, she makes me feel glad to be a two!’ She should have learned to accept it by now, but every boastful comment she heard still stung.

But today was Sunday, visiting night in her mother’s hospital. Her mother was brought to the hospital because of her hallucinations when Opal was a baby. Opal grew up with her sister, Emerald. She pulled the hood of her coat over her sleek blonde hair, took a deep breath, and started down the spiralling jewel encrusted stairway leading to the door shielding her from the harshness of the city.

Opal felt swallowed by the city lights the second she set foot out the door. Maybe if she walked with confidence like the kings and queens, no one would notice her lesser status. She took long, sure footed strides and held her head high. Looking around to make sure no one was around, Opal noticed two eights following her. She broke into a sprint and sure enough, they did too. She swerved around a corner, only to see a dead end staring her in the face.

The diamonds were only about five feet away from her now. Opal curled into a ball and began to sob, so this was how she was going to die. “Awww, the little one is crying,” said the bigger, more muscular looking one in a husky voice, “Let’s teach her a lesson about showing her face in our city,” sneered the shorter eight. They were approaching her now, with clenched fists. Suddenly, a low hum arose, shattering the unsettling silence. It got louder and the street lights began to flicker off, one by one. “I don’t like this,” muttered the first eight, “let’s get it over with,” Opal could feel the power surging through her veins, similar to when she was in the sun, but more intense. She couldn’t take it anymore. Opal screamed. There was a blinding light, then she felt the world crumble away as she fell to the ground.


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